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Terrae Incognitae

The Journal for the History of Discoveries

Contents of Vol 34, 2002


Surekha Davies is a curator at the British Library.

H. G. Jones, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a frequent contributor to this journal and is very active in Arctic Studies.

Douglas Peck, a longtime contributor to this journal, was a military aviator until he retired and took up sailing in Florida.

Monique Pelletier was until recently head of the Department of Maps at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris.

Louis Sicking and Raymond Fagel are colleagues in the Faculty of Letters at the University of Leiden.

Scott Westrem is an Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the Graduate School of the City University of New York.



Surekha Davies Agency and Awareness in Cross-Cultural Encounters 1
Scott Westrem Making a Mappamundi: The Hereford Map 19
Louis Sicking and Raymond Fagel In the Wake of Columbus: The First Expedition Attempted from the Netherlands to the New World, 1517-1527 34
Douglas Peck Theory versus Practical Application in the History of Early Ocean Navigation 46
Monique Pelletier The Working-Method of the New Cartographers: The Gulf of Mexico and Spanish Sources, 1696-1718 60
H. G. Jones Teaching the Explorers: Contributions of One Baffin Family to History and Geography 73

Current Bibliography
Fred Musto Recent Literature in Discovery History

Book Reviews
Michael Adas, ed. Technology and European Overseas Enterprise
Reviewed by Mary Emily Miller

D. Graham Burnett Masters of All They Surveyed
Reviewed by Richard Francaviglia
Alan Frost and Jane Samson, eds. Pacific Empires
Reviewed by Dee Longenbaugh
Felix Driver Geography Militant
Reviewed by Sanford Bederman
J. B. Harley The New Nature of Maps
Reviewed by Dennis Reinhartz
Norman Henderson
Paul Johnsgard
Rediscovering the Great Plains
The Nature of Nebraska: Ecology and Biodiversity
Reviewed by Richard Francaviglia
Thomas Krise, ed. Caribbeana
Reviewed by John Parker
J. D. La Fleur, ed. Pieter Van Den Broecke’s Journal
Reviewed by Sanford Bederman
Joyce Lorimer, ed. Settlement Patterns in Early Modern Colonization
Reviewed by Mary Emily Miller
Barbara McCorkle, ed. New England in Early Printed Maps
Reviewed by Martin Torodash
James McDermott, ed. The Third Voyage of Martin Frobisher
Reviewed by H. G. Jones
Kenneth Owens, ed. The Wreck of the Sv. Nikolai
Reviewed by Dennis Reinhartz
José Rabasa Writing Violence on the Northern Frontier
Reviewed by Dennis Reinhartz
John Robson Captain Cook’s World
Reviewed by Enrique Porrua
David Thompson
James William Abert
Columbia Journals, ed. Barbara Belyea
Expedition to the Southwest, int. Carroll/Morris
Reviewed by Ralph Ehrenberg
Robert Weddle The Wreck of the Belle, the Ruin of La Salle
Reviewed by Gerald Saxon
Scott Westrem The Hereford Map
Reviewed by Natalia Lozovsky

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