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May 2006

Miami Map Fair, as well as with other map societies. He claims that these activities keep him from being bored in retirement. Those of us who know Joe remember that he did precisely the same things when he practiced medicine full time.

Robert Foulke and his wife Patricia have completed A Guide to Colonial and Revolutionary New England. The book will be published by Countryman Press (a division of Norton) in September 2006. It is the first volume in a series of three, with companion volumes on the Mid-Atlantic States, and the South, scheduled for publication in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Anthony Gambrill’s book, In Search of the Buccaneers, will be published in November 2006 by Macmillan, UK. Anthony is our member in Jamaica.

E.W. Gieseking wrote: “We moved to a new house in 2006, so research and editing took a back seat for a while. This work on Jonathan Winship of Boston (Brighton), MA, who as an explorer and fur trader on the Pacific Coast in 1803-1815 greatly assisted the Russian-American Company in its expansion to the south (Columbia River attempts in 1806 and 1808, and then settlement at Bodega Bay two years later). Jonathan in 1809 also facilitated the final unification of the Hawaiian Islands, i.e., he was also a sea-going ‘diplomat.’ It is high time to get something out on him.”

Katherine (Kit) Goodwin retired last Fall from her position as Curator of Maps at the Special Collections Division of the University of Texas at Arlington Library. She will become the Executive Secretary of the Society for the History of Discoveries in September 2006. In the interim, she and her husband, Ruel, have enjoyed traveling, and she has taken on some contract work as well.

Barry Gough is now Professor Emeritus at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario) and is residing in Victoria, British Columbia. He writes: “I’ve completed my big book on the rivalry for western North America, 1774-1818; it is now in a publisher’s hands. I was elected a Caird Research Fellow of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwitch, England. I returned to my old haunts of London for three months in 2005.

I was a guest of the Associatión Cultural Dionisio

 Alcalá Galiano in Cordoba, Spain on October 21, 2005 at the Journados Internacionales held to commemorate the bicentenary of the death of the celebrated surveyor, astronomer, and fighting commodore. I spoke about Alcalá Galiano’s explorations on the Northwest Coast of America, his 1792 circumnavigation of Vancouver Island (the first on record), his relations with various native tribes and chiefs, and his subsequent sea and scientific experiences leading to his sad death. The Associatión awarded me its Medal of Distinction and its thanks for promoting Spanish-Canadian relations through exploration history. This was for me, an event of imperishable memory.”

New member Jason Hayward-Jones is currently based in Turkey, where his wife, Jennifer, is Deputy Ambassador for Australia. He is in the process of putting together a number of projects for the Royal Geographical Society, and National Geographic. In 2004-2005, he was Executive Director of BottomUp, Ltd., which developed micro-finance initiatives in the environmental sector with rural communities in Kenya. BottomUp also was involved in the promotion of community based development initiatives of the Canada Fund in Turkey.

Conrad Heidenreich, working with Janet Ritch, is making good progress toward completing a new edition of Samuel de Champlain’s Des Sauvages. Included are a number of documents relating to Champlain before 1604. He has completed seven entries for the forthcoming Oxford Companion to World Exploration, and in September 2005, he was invited to give the opening address at the exhibit: “Shared Waters: Natives and French Newcomers on the Great Lakes,” at Western Michigan University.

Donald Hogarth presented a paper in September 2005, on “Martin Frobisher’s Gold Mines,” at the Northern Peninsula Heritage Society (Plum Point, Newfoundland). He is planning a paper, “Sir Joseph Banks and Associates – Incursions into Volcanology, 1772-1785: innovative savants, misguided disciples, and downright scoundrels.” He is planning to read this paper at the next SHD meeting. Don’s map and report, “Buckingham Volcanic Rocks,” has been accepted for publication by the Québec Ministère des Richesses naturelles.

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