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May 2006

Prize Essay Fund Donors 2006

The society particularly wishes to thank those members who donated to the Annual Student Prize Essay Contest. These funds help the writer to attend the annual meeting and to present the winning essay.
John Logan Allen
Robert Augustyn
Jolayne Bederman
Roy Bridges
Tom Conley
Gillian Costain
Louis De Vorsey
Peter Enggass
Joseph Fitzgerald
Donald Hogarth
Mary Hogarth
Arthur Holzheimer
Raymond Howgego
Alice Hudson
Stephen Lintner
Dee Longenbaugh
James L. Newman
Russell Magnaghi
Barbara McCorkle
Ann Savours Shirley
Beth Stedman
Carol Urness
H. Jesse Walker

Fig. 8 - Ralph Ehremberg, Kit Goodwin, Jolayne Bederman, and Sanford Bederman

 Fig. 9. Richard Pflederer, Ralph Ehrenberg, and Roy Bridges.

Fig. 10. Wesley Brown, George Chalou,  Ralph Ehrenberg and Louis De Vorsey

Fig. 10. Roy Bridges and Susan Danford

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