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May 2006

Fig. 6 – Mary Murphy, Ky Kylander, George Chalou, Wesley Brown, and David Buisseret

Fig. 7 – George Chalou, Eleanor Monahan, and Richard Stephenson

John Garver (Continued from Page 5)
assignment he was especially proud of a few of his many accomplishments. At the top of his list was The Making of America regional map series, a scholarly blend of John’s favorite disciplines, history and geography. Also of note are his seminal work and commitment to the Historical Atlas of the United States, his collaboration with the late Dr. Arthur Robinson and the eventual adoption of the Robinson Projection by the National Geographic Society for all of its world maps, and, finally, his leadership ability in recognizing the need for the National Geographic Society to move swiftly into the digital mapping community. His inquiring mind,

gifted intellect and observant manner made for a perfect blending with the National Geographic Society. 
His cartographic interests included early National Geographic Society maps and mapping of the Trans-Mississippi West (1804-1861). He published an article in The Portolan entitled, “Isaac McCoy: Forgotten Mapper of the Trans-Missouri West,” (Issue 9, April 16, 1987) and he published an article in 1997 in Imago Mundi entitled, “The President’s War Cabinet.” The article described a specially designed map cabinet, a gift from the National Geographic Society, and presented to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

Robert Rhodes
Alexandria, Virginia

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