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May 2005

San Diego: International 
Conference on Spanish Voyages 

An international conference on “Spain’s Legacy in the Pacific” was held at the San Diego Maritime Museum on September 23-26, 2004. A number of SHD members participated in this meeting. Carla Rahn Phillips presented the keynote address: “Spain and the Pacific Rim: A Cultural Legacy.” E.W. Giesecke read a paper entitled “Beeswax and Teak from Manila: Tracking Local History for the Location of the Northwest’s Lost Spanish Wreck,” and Rodrigue Lévesque presented “Manila Galleon Shipwrecks on the West Coast of America.” In addition to serving on the conference planning committee, Iris Engstrand chaired a session entitled “Defending Spain’s Empire in the Pacific.” Also attending the meeting was SHD member John Crosse. More than 120 academicians and researchers attended the conference. 

Fig. 9 – Herman Viola and Joseph Medicine Crow at Cody, WY

News of Members – 2005 
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Alberta Wood wrote: “Approximately 200 entries have been added during the year to the bibliography of maps of Newfoundland and Labrador that I have been compiling. There are almost 1,500 entries now. It is located at http://info.library.mun.ca:81/index3.html or via an introductory information page at http://library.mun.ca/qeii/maps/NLmapbib.php There is still lots of work to do! Planning has begun to hold the annual conference of the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and the Canadian Cartographic Association here in St. John’s, July 26-30, 2005 with which I will be involved. Those who attended the SHD conference in 1997 will know that lots of fun will be had by all!”

Fig. 10 –Waiting for bus at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

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