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May 2005

2004 Ristow Prize
The Washington Map Society has announced that Victoria Della Dora, a doctoral student in geography at the University of California, Los Angeles, is the winner of the 2004 Walter W. Ristow Prize in the History of Cartography and Map Librarianship. The award carries a $1,000 prize. The title of her winning essay is “Mapping Science and Myth on the Holy Mountain: Renaissance and Enlightenment Visions of Mount Athos.” It will appear in a future issue of The Portolan, journal of the Washington Map Society.

National Coalition for History 
The National Coalition for History invites the members of SHD to subscribe to the coalition’s free weekly newsletter. Through the Update one can keep on top of news of interest to history and archive professionals. 
A complete backfile of reports is maintained by H-Net on the NCH web page at http://www2.h-net.msuedu/~nch.
To subscribe to the “NCH Washington Update,” send an e-mail message to listserv@h-net.msu.edu with the following text in the body of the message (and only this text) SUBSCRIBE H-NCH firstname lastname, institution.

BIMCC International Conference in Brussels, December 11-12, 2004
The Brussels International Map Collectors’ Circle held its 4th Annual International Conference on December 11-12, 2004 at the Collège Saint Michel. Forty-two delegates participated in the proceedings, including two members of SHD. The conference title was “Into and Out of Africa: Mapping the Dark Continent in the Later 19th Century.”
The very first speaker was SHD member Caroline Batchelor, who presented “The Mythical Mountains of Kong.” Francis Herbert later spoke on “Explorers’ Maps in Periodicals.” According to the BIMCC Newsletter (no. 21, January 2005), both of these talks were very well received.
Donors to Prize Essay Fund

Kathy Abbass
Robert Augustyn
Sanford Bederman
Steve Behrendt
Tom Clark Conley
Peter Enggass
Joseph Fitzgerald
Arthur Holzheimer
Don and Mary Hogarth
Rodrigue Lévesque
Steven Lintner
Russell Magnaghi
Barbara McCorkle
Ann Savours Shirley
Richard Stephenson
Carol Urness
H. Jess Walker

A highlight of the conference was the presentation by Dr. James L. Newman entitled, “Imperial Footprints – The Mapping of Stanley’s African Journeys.” Newman, from Syracuse University in New York, is the author of the recent book with the same title. Other papers given at Brussels were “Developing the Cartography of German East Africa” (Imre Demhardt), “Cartographic Entries in Stanley’s Sketch Books” (Maurits Wynants), and “Carte d’Afrique à 1:2 000 000 by Captain Richard Rénault de Lannoy de Bissy” (Olivier Loiseaux).
As part of the proceedings, Wulf Bodenstein presented the “Mini-Exhibition of Stanleyana and Maps to Illustrate the Theme of the BIMCC Conference.” This event was held at the Stanley Pavillion in Brussels.
SHD members who are interested in obtaining information about this Belgian map society should consult www.bimcc.org.

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