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May 2004

reminders is time-consuming and expensive. Regardless of the difficulties associated with dues collecting, our numbers are up from last year. Again, on April 10, 2004 SHD claimed 302 members.
Finally, we cannot thank Richard Francaviglia, and his assistant Ann Jennings, enough for the amazing work they did in planning and organizing our Zapopan and New Orleans annual meetings. They are real pros, and working with them was a pleasure.
Also not to be forgotten, SHD extends profound thanks to the Department of Anthropology and Geography at Georgia State University in Atlanta for its support of our society. Without its help, this newsletter and the annual report would be extremely expensive to print. 
We again will experience a very good year in 2004, and I look forward to seeing all of you in Cody, Wyoming. 

Fig 2. Don Perkins and Mindy Thomas at
Charting Louisiana Exhibit at New Orleans Meeting
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Fig 3. Jenkins Garrett at Arnaud’s Restaurant in
New Orleans admiring Fellows award 

The J.B. Harley Research Fellowship 
The Trustees of the J.B. Harley Research Fellowship announced the Eleventh Series of J.B. Harley Fellowships in the History of Cartography. The fellowships offer support of £300 per week to assist research in London map collections. Those receiving fellowships this year are Angelo Cattaneo (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) “Mid-15th century Venetian Cartography: A Comparative Study of a Forgotten Ptolemy’s Geography”; Jessica Maier (Columbia University, Department of Art History) “Imaging Rome: The Art and Science of Renaissance City Views”; Professor Dr. Sylvia Schraut (Universität Mannheim, Historisches Institut) “Comparing Historic School Atlases, 1870-1960”; and Professor Lindy Stiebel (University of KwaZulu-Natal) “Thomas Baines, Cartographer: Mapping Australia and Africa.”

Tony Campbell, reporting for the Trustees, stated that a record number of twenty-one applications were submitted this year.

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