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May 2004

Fig 7. Alfred Lemmon, New Orleans host for SHD meeting, chatting with Susan Danforth.

[OXFORD] Companion to Exploration

As Editor-in-Chief, David Buisseret has been working on the new [Oxford] Companion to Exploration. It will contain about 1,000 entries, and contributors for about 700 of these have been identified. There are still a good number of headwords (articles), mostly biographies, covering most parts of the world, for which contributors are now sought. SHD members are encouraged to contact David Buisseret, who will let them know what is needed and available, in case they would like to help in this important project. You can contact David by e-mail at buisser@uta.edu.
In addition to Buisseret, Section Editors of the Companion include Sanford Bederman, Carla Rahn Phillips, Richard Talbert, Marina Tolmicheva, and Glyndwr Williams. 

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