Terra Cognita

Newsletter of the Society for the History of Discoveries

Page 14

May 2003

Photo Gallery

Fig. 11 – Ann Savours Shirley and H.G. Jones at the Memorial Event for David Quinn in London.

Fig. 12 – (From left to right) Francis Herbert, Carol Urness, Ed Dahl, John Parker, and David Buisseret at TI editorial meeting in Zapopan, Mexico.

Fig. 13 – Scene in the central city of Guadalajara, Mexico

Fig. 14 – SHD members on field trip in Guadalajara, Mexico

Fig. 15 – (From left to right) Art Holzheimer, Jan Holzheimer, Ginny Highbarger, 
Lee Wolf, and Dennis Reinhartz, waiting for transportation in Tonalá, Mexico.

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