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May 2003

     Scott Westrem has had a fruitful year. He was promoted to Full Professor of English at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His book, Broader Horizons: Johannes Witte de Hese’s Itinerarius and Medieval Travel Narrative, was published in Cambridge, MA, by the Medieval Academy of America. Also during the past year, he was Visiting Research Professor at École Pratique des hautes Études, where he led four two-hour seminars. He presented the keynote lecture at the University of Toronto entitled “Marco Polo’s Successors.” The conference, held May 24-26, was called “Marco Polo and the Encounter of East and West.” He wrote “Africa Unbounded on an Unstudied European Mappamundi (c. 1450) and in Related Cartography,” which was published in Making Contact: Maps, Identity, and Travel (ed. Glenn Burger et al.), Edmonton: University of Alberta Press.
     Eric Wolf probably travels more than any other member of SHD. He writes, ‘’2002 was a busy year for travel (62 days and 28,000 air miles away from home). In March we attended the Sarasota Opera Festival in Florida; In April it was a combination sightseeing and opera tour of southern Italy and Sicily; in July, the Stratford Festival of Canada; in August, the Glimmerglass Opera in Cooperstown, NY. From mid-September to early October we toured the Netherlands (including the IMCOS meeting in Amsterdam), the Swiss Alps, and the Burgundy vineyards viewed from balloons. One balloon crashed and knocked-out power in a village for three hours. No one was hurt, but we made headlines in the local newspaper. In late October, we traveled to New York for two opera performances, and then departed for Guadalajara and the SHD meeting in Zapopan, followed by a tour of Mexico’s Copper Canyon.’’
     John Wolter is as peripatetic as ever. He and Joan spend their winters in Tucson, AZ where he has visiting scholar privileges at the University of Arizona. This allows him to continue his research at an excellent library. 
     John writes “I am currently editing with a colleague, John McDonough, the journal of one William Speiden, Jr., a young man in his late teens who served as a purser’s clerk (for William Sr.) on the steam frigate Mississippi, Commodore Perry’s flagship on the expedition to open Japan to the trade of the Western World in 1852-54. Illustrated by some 70 pencil and pen sketches, and miniature paintings by Chinese artists, the two-volume journal is a fascinating account of the expedition from a young man’s perspective.

We are presently looking for a publisher and have the NHPRC’s full support.”
     John and Joan have purchased a small condo in Salisbury, MD close to Atlantic beaches where they entertain grandchildren, children, and friends during the summer months.
     Wonderful things happened to David Woodward in 2002. He retired from teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; he reported that the manuscript for Volume 3, Cartography in the European Renaissance, was delivered to the University of Chicago Press on December 31; and he was presented the prestigious Murchison Award for 2001 by the Royal Geographical Society “In recognition of seminal publications on the history of cartography.”
     As editor of a series of Historical Dictionaries of Discovery and Exploration for Scarecrow Press, Jon Woronoff was pleased to receive this past year a fine manuscript for the volume on Australia. He reports that several other manuscripts are progressing nicely, including those on the South Pacific and Africa, and others will be signed up soon. To his surprise, he has found it hard to find specialists to write on the Arctic, Antarctic, and the Amazon -- or even the Americas.

Life Members

As of March 1, 2003, there are 38 life members in the society. They are:

Kathy Abbass 
John Logan Allen 
George Ashley 
Roger Baskes 
John Bockstoce
Rand Burnette
John Docktor
James Enterline
Joseph Fitzgerald
Hideo Fujiwara
Gregory Gajda
Jenkins Garrett
Virginia Garrett
Marvin Gottleib
Barry Gough
Robert Hanan
Charles Hoffman
Russell Johanson
Harold Johnson

C.E. Kylander
Joyce Lorimer
Michael Mathes
Mark Mattison
Barbara McCorkle
Samuel Menefee
Marica Milanesi
Mary Emily Miller
Harold Osher
John Parker
Dennis Reinhartz
Paul Rich
Fredrick Ruffner
Frank Snyder
Ralf Tetzner
Norman Thrower
Rosemary Valle>
Eric Wolf
David Woodward

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