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May 2002

Lee Wolf, Eric Wolf and Barbara McCorkle at annual meeting in Denver, Colorado. (Fig.2)

SHD and the Hakluyt Society
The Editor does not know how many members of SHD also belong to the Hakluyt Society, but it is quite clear that a very close relationship exists between our two groups. For example, a rather large number of Hakluyt Society officials are members of SHD. Roy Bridges, A.C.F. David, and John Hattendorf are Vice Presidents; Tony Campbell, Bruce Lenman, and Ann Shirley are members of Council; Sir Geoffrey Ellerton is a Trustee; and Andrew Cook is Honorary Secretary. Joyce Lorimer, Norman Fiering, and Norman J.W. Thrower are the Hakluyt Society’s International Representatives in North America. At the time of his death, David Quinn was serving as a member of Council.

Waldseemuller 1507 World Map
      All who are interested in maps certainly were excited to learn last year that the Library of Congress acquired Martin Waldseemuller’s 1507 World Map. The asking price for the map was $10 million, with LC making a down payment of $500,000, and Congress providing an additional $5 million. Alas, another $4.5 million needs to be raised. John Hébert, Chief of the Geography and Map Division at LC would like to hear from anyone who can help in this most important quest. His e-mail address is jheb@ loc.gov.

J.B. Harley Research Fellowships in the History of Cartography
      Tony Campbell wrote from England to inform his American colleagues that the Trustees of the J.B. Harley Fellowships Trust Fund have announced their ninth series of fellowships that are designed to assist research in the London map collections. The three awardees and their research topics are (1) Dr. Lisa Davis Allen (University of Texas at Tyler), “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”: frontispiece and author’s portrait, variation of color palettes in multiple language editions. (2) Dr. Gretchen E. Gaynor (Independent Scholar (USA), “John Dee’s scientific contribution as a geographer and cartographer,” and (3) Dr. Giuseppe Ragone, (Universitá degli Studi “Romana Tre,” Dipartimento di Studi sul Mondo Antico, Rome, Italy), “Critical edition of, and historical commentary on Cristoforo Buondelmonti’s ‘Liber insularum Archipelagi’”

The First Gotham History Festival
      The First Gotham History Festival included a free weekend-long series of over 100 events exploring New York City history, including panels, roundtables, exhibits, film screenings and a book fair. The conference began Friday, October 5, 2001 with a screening of “New York: A Documentary Film with Ric Burns,” In collaboration with the City University of New York’s Gotham Center for New York History, over 90 sessions were presented over the next three days. 
      Of interest to members of SHD is that the complete proceedings are now available on CD-ROM in compressed digital form or audiocassettes. The complete set retails for $199, but SHD members can purchase it for $99, plus $10 shipping cost. If you are interested, call Debbie at 1(800) 575-0580, or e-mail tapes@confcopy.com.

Post-Meeting Field Excursion in Mexico
      Jan Holzheimer is organizing a field trip to Copper Canyon in northern Mexico following the SHD meeting in Guadalajara, which ends on October 26. For information concerning details, interested persons should contact Jan at: janart-maps@ att.net.

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