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Newsletter of the Society for the History of Discoveries

Number 2

May 2002

David Beers Quinn, FSHD

David B. Quinn photographed in Quinnville, Quebec (now part of Gatineau) by Ed Dahl in May 1997.
(Fig. 1)

Editor’s note: Material for this brief remembrance primarily is excerpted from the citation written by H.G. Jones, and can be read in its entirety by clicking here. The Editor wishes also to thank Joyce Lorimer, Roy Bridges and Ed Dahl for their help in preparing this statement.)
Professor David Quinn died in Liverpool on March 19, 2002. In September, 2001, he was the recipient of the first honor ever awarded by SHD--Fellow of the Society for the History of Discoveries (FSHD).
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Inside this Issue

David Beers Quinn, (1909-2002) 1
Election of 2002 Officers 1
2002 Annual Meeting Guadalajara, Mexico 4
Members News 7
Necrology 11
Upcoming Conferences 14
2003 Meeting In New Orleans
      The 2003 annual meeting will be held in New Orleans on October 23 through 26. With the year 2003 marking the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase, the SHD meeting’s theme will be “La Nouvelle Frontiére: Exploring and Discovering the Louisiana Purchase.” Program Chairman Richard Francaviglia says that presentations on other topics related to exploration, discovery, and the history of cartography of other areas are welcome.
      Given the meeting’s historical theme, New Orleans’ French Quarter promises to be the perfect meeting locale. Our hosts include the Historic New Orleans Collection, whose wonderful facilities are located near our meeting conference center/hotel. In addition to a full program, numerous tours are planned to nearby historic sites. Although the formal call for papers will be announced in the Spring of 2003, earlier inquiries about the meeting are welcome.
      For more information, contact Richard Francaviglia at the Center for Greater Southwestern Studies and the History of Cartography, Box19497-Central Library, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas 76019-0497; phone: (817) 272-3997; FAX (817) 272-5797; e-mail:

SHD Officers, 2002 
      The new members of Council were elected to begin two-year terms commencing with the end of the annual meeting in Guadalajara in October, 2002. The new council members are Karen Cook, John Docktor, and Don McGuirk. 
      Karen Cook, who holds the Ph.D. in geography, is the Assistant Special Collections (Manuscripts) Librarian at the Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas. Her active and continuing research interests include history of geological maps, map design and printing, thematic mapping, and maps in books.
      John Docktor, is a retired physician living in York, PA. He is a past president of the Washington Map Society, as well as its present webmaster. John maintains a widely-used listing of worldwide meetings and exhibitions in the field of cartography.
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