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Kino speech


Post-meeting trip Meeting Photos

Photos of the post-meeting trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico.

(Photography by John Docktor)

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Don Perkins & Pena’s 1757 Mappa de la California

Rafting at El Fuerte

Expedition Map

El Fuerte rail station


Railway curve

Lunch at Cerocachui

Climbing the trail

The Hills

Pots for sale


Valley View


Highbarger at work

At canyon lookout

Photo Opportunity

Lunch grilling

Lunch at rim

Kids at play

Only place to make a call

The next trek

Changing to train

Basket vendor



Posada Barrancas Mirador

Baskets for sale

At rim


At awe

Guide taking chances

Making baskets

Rail station

Rail Route Map

Needed rest

Into the hills

Into a tunnel

Hairpin rail curve

Red-hued hills

Happy Travelers 

Awaiting the wine

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