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The Society for the History of Discoveries
42nd Annual Meeting
Denver, Colorado
September 6-9, 2001

Event Summary and Program of Professional Papaers

Thursday, Sept. 6:

10:00 AM-5:00 PM - Registration, 2nd Floor, Promenade, Comfort Inn
2:00 PM Walking tour of the Colorado State Capitol Building. Meet at Comfort Inn
6:00-8:00 PM Welcoming Reception 7th Floor, Denver Public Library

Friday, Sept. 7:

6:45–8:15 AM - SHD Council Meeting Navajo Room, Comfort Inn (Council Members only)

8:15 AM Welcoming remarks Ballroom B
Robert Highbarger, President of the Society for the History of Discoveries
J. Paul Mathias, President of the Rocky Mountain Map Society

8:30–10:00 AM: Conference Session I IMAGES AND IMAGINATION Ballroom B
Moderator: Gunnar Thompson
1. Wes Brown: “The World Image Expressed in the Rudimentum Novitiorum.”
2. Richard Francaviglia: Cartography and Imagination: Exploring and Mapping the Great Basin.”
3.Gunnar Thompson: “Vanguard of Discovery: How Roman, English and Portuguese Explorers Set the Stage for Columbus.”

10:00–10:30 AM: Break

10:30 AM–Noon: Conference Session II EARLY NAVIGATION AND CHARTS Ballroom B
Moderator: Dennis Reinhartz
1. Bill Glover: “Early Trading Voyages in Hudson Bay.”
2. Douglas T. Peck: “Theory versus Practical Application in the History of Early Ocean Navigation.”
3. Norman Thrower: “Samuel Pepys: Travels, Navigation and Charts.”

Noon–1:30 PM: Lunch, on your own.

1:30–3:00 PM: Conference Session III EXPLORERS AND EXPLORATION Ballroom B
Moderator: Don McGuirk
1. Karen S. Cook: “The Secret Agenda of Robert Dale (1809-1853): Australian Explorer and Liverpool Timber Merchant.”
2. H. G. Jones: “Teaching the Explorers: Inuit Contributions to Arctic Discovery.”
3. Natalia Lozovsky: “Holy Explorers: The Search for Monastic Sites in Early Medieval Europe.”

3:00–3:30 PM: Break

3:30–5:00 PM: Conference Session IV MAPS AND SURVEYS Ballroom B
Moderator: Arthur Holzheimer
1. David Buisseret: “Some Problems in the History of Spanish Overseas Cartography, 1500 –1700.”
2. Louis DeVorsey: “British East Florida Revealed: The Surveys of William Gerard DeBrahm.”
3. Denis Shepard: “Defining, Marking and Mapping the Black-Allen Boundary Line Between New South Wales and Victoria.”

6:30–9:00 PM: SHD Banquet. Paul Mathias, Chairman of the Annual Meeting, will speak about  “The Spanish Failure at Quivira and its Effect on This Banquet” Ballroom B

Saturday, Sept. 8 (Session rooms are in the Brown Palace)

8:30–10:00 AM: Conference Session V-1 MOUNT VERNON & THE WEST Central City Room
Moderator: Richard Stephenson
1. Alice C. Hudson: “A Curator’s Choices – Heading West: Mapping the Territory.”
2. John Woram: “History and Discovery on the Web”.
3. Ed Redmond: “The Mapmaker from Mount Vernon.”

8:30–10:00 AM: Conference Session V-2 MAPPING FRONTIERS Silver Plume and Leadville Rooms
Moderator: Marianne Hinckle
1. Ralph Ehrenberg: “Aerial Pathfinders: the Role of the United States Army Aviators in Exploring and Charting America’s Airway Frontier, 1918.”
2. Don McGuirk: “The Voyage of Juan de Fuca, the Myth and the Maps.”
3. Anthony Mullan: Lafora and Urrita’s Map of Northern New Spain”.

10:00–10:20 AM: Break

10:20–11:50 AM: Conference Session VI MAPPAMUNDI, PIRATES, & MALASPINA Cent City Rm.
Moderator: John Docktor
1. Scott D. Westrem: “Making a Mappamundi.”
2. John Thrower: “The Island of Escudo de Veragua: Haunt of Pirates and Privateers.”
3. Enrique J. Porrua: “Evolution of the Crew Onboard the Corvette Atrevida during the Malaspina Expedition from 1790 to 1794.”

Noon–1:50 PM: SHD Business Luncheon Ballroom A

2:00–5:00 PM: Optional bus trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for the “Voyages of Discovery” exhibit. Board buses at Comfort Inn
OR Take independent walking tours of the Colorado State Historical Society Museum, the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Public Library, and/or the U.S. Mint, all within six blocks of the Comfort Inn (click here for downtown Denver map).

5:30–9:30 PM: Optional bus trip to The Fort Restaurant west of Denver for cocktails and frontier banquet. Board buses at Comfort Inn

Sunday, September 9

8:00 AM–5:00 PM: Optional all-day luxury bus trip 165 miles south and east from Denver to Bent’s Fort on the Arkansas River. Tour includes box lunch. Board buses at Comfort Inn


The 42nd Annual Meeting is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Map Society, Denver.

The following individuals contributed to the organization and conduct of this meeting:

J. Paul Mathias, Chairman of the Annual Meeting and President of the RMMS

Wesley A. Brown, Welcoming Reception & audiovisual aid coordinator, Sec/Treas. RMMS

Don and Diana McGuirk, Registration

Ernest Moore, Capitol tour

Eric Wolf, V.P. SHD, organized the Program of Professional Papers.

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