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How to join the Society

Membership is open to anyone interested in the Society's activities.

Annual Membership Fee

International Member
Regular member
US $45
US $40
US $25
US $20

You can join by regular mail of on-line via the Internet, as described below. The on-line procedure is especially convenient for those outside the USA.

To join using regular mail:
Download this form, complete it and send with a check or money order payable in US Dollars made out to "Society for the History of Discoveries " (SHD) to:

Society for the History of Discoveries

William Brandenburg, Treasurer
631 Masonic Way,   Apt. 1
Belmont, CA  94002-2734

Landline:         (650) 591-1601
Cell Phone:     (650) 520-0294






Home Telephone ____________________

Work Telephone ____________________

FAX ______________________________


To join or renew On-Line. This method allows persons worldwide to pay their membership fees without having to go to a bank to get a US Dollar check, and paying the fees and mailing expense that this involves. This is an especially convenient way for non-US persons to join the Society and also renew their membership. All you need is a credit card and access to e-mail. You charge your card in dollars, which is how the Society receives funds, and the charge later shows up on your statement in your local currency.

1. Go to the Internet URL https://www.PayPal.com   
2. Click on "Send Money"
3. Sign up for FREE personal Account. If you live in the USA, use U.S. Account Registration. If not residing in the USA, click on “International Account Registration.”
Enter NO for Premier Account.
4. Under "Recipient's E-mail" enter
5. Under "Amount" enter the amount you want charged to your
credit card (Regular dues US$30 - see on-line list of charges above)
6. Under 'Type" enter 'service.'
7. Under "Email Subject*" enter "SHD Dues-NEW MEMBER-your last name" (enter YOUR last name, not "your last name")
8. Under "Note*" enter your name, address, day & evening phone and fax, and email address. This lets us correctly account for your money transfer and log you into our SHD records. It is the information normally provided using the form you would otherwise send with your payment.

If you have any questions about this procedure, contact the Treasurer at E-mail:

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